Jesseca Salky
Salky Literary Management, LLC

+1 (929) 207 3804
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Jesseca is looking for literary fiction submissions that are family stories (she loves a good mother/daughter tale), have a strong sense of place (where the setting feels like its own character), have a magical or mystical element (like The Immortalists), or a daring or unique voice (think Jamie Quatro), as well as upmarket fiction that can appeal to men and women and has that Tropper/Hornby/Matt Norman quality to it. She loves interwoven or multiple narratives, novels in stories, and surprising character arcs. Some authors she wishes she agents are Elizabeth Strout, Maria Semple, Hannah Tinti, Sally Rooney and Brit Bennett. She also represents memoirs and select narrative non-fiction in the areas of current affairs, food, psychology, science, history and parenting.

Due to the number of queries Jesseca receives, she will only respond to those in which she’s interested. Queries not answered within 12 weeks can be considered a pass.