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Jesseca Salky

Jesseca Salky is an agent, founder, and attorney, with almost two decades of experience in the book publishing and adjacent industries. She represents a curated list of distinguished novelists, including Pulitzer Prize-winning and New York Times bestselling novelist Anne Tyler, and works with some of the leading literary agencies and agents in New York as contracts counsel and general business adviser. She has a 360-degree view of the industry as agent and attorney and is on the cutting edge of developments in formats and mediums, often formulating new standards on behalf of writers and agents, as well as the disrupters and visionaries, in the industry.

Salky Literary Management [SLM] opened its doors October 1, 2019. SLM will provide individualized and dedicated representation to a select group of high-quality novelists and narrative non-fiction authors. SLM's mission is to effectively compete with a marketplace exploding with first-rate content of various mediums by elevating its novelists in their roles as cultural commentators and thought leaders.


Jesseca Salky
Salky Literary Management, LLC
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